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Clients are the reason. We listen, and deliver quality & safety to all of our clients. We have succesfully delivered our drinking straws to number of corporate clients.

Our Factory

Our factory is certified with BRC Global Standard For Packaging.

The BRCGS Certification is the Food Industry's leading quality benchmarking programme, recognise the world over as the highest standard possible. The BRCGS Certification is essential for any business selling into the food industry as it ensure full traceablity, full legal compliance and offers the highest assurance to the customers thoughout our manufacturing process

Include in these system are full implementation of HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) and GMP (Good Manufacturing Process)

Sustainability is essential for our future and we are committed with certified in our supply chain.
Organization recognized in the world ensure paper materials are sourced from managed Forest.
Our certification extends to the production and sales of paper drinking straws

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Climate change is one of the biggest challenges facing humanity. Every action we take as a business has a consequence, so we have taken steps to lower the carbon emissions that come from our manufacturing. Bio-Polyethylene is a plastic produced…

Paper Straws

Paper Straws

Our spiral winded Paper Straws are made from 3 and 4 plies of paper. All of our Paper Straws are Traceable from paper making until origin of species of wood to ensure all the supply chain being certified and audited by…

PP (PolyPropylene)

PP (PolyPropylene)

The most common form of drinking straw is made of the thermoplastic polymer Polypropylene. This plastic is known for its durability, lightness, and ability to be manufactured at a low cost. These attributes are what have made the traditional plastic straw…

PLA Straws (PolyLacticAcid)

PLA Straws (PolyLacticAcid)

A compounded bio-degradable & compostable material which will be completely degrade in commercial compost facilities within 180 days or less as requiring controlled condition (high temperature and humidity to be able to breakdown entirely). A unique cross link bio-polymer combine…

PHA Straws (PolyHydroxyAlkanoate)

PHA Straws (PolyHydroxyAlkanoate)

A large variety of micro-organisms (Pseudomonas Putida, Ralstona Eutropha, a.o.) make different types of PHA materials comprising more than 150 different building blocks or monomers depending on the available nutrition in their environment. However, the molecular weight of these PHA…

Bio-Mass Composite Polymers

Bio-Mass Composite Polymers

Made In Indonesia biomass plastic derived from 40% cassava starch (non-Industrial type) and blended with conventional Polypropylene (60%). We use new technology to upcycle cassava starch that is not treated as food source.We are aiming to Reduce 40% of conventional…


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