A compounded bio-degradable & compostable material which will be completely degrade in commercial compost facilities within 180 days or less as requiring controlled condition (high temperature and humidity to be able to breakdown entirely).

A unique cross link bio-polymer combine from PLA (PolyLacticAcid), a biodegradable thermoplastic derived from natural plant sources , with other biodegradable polymers (or bio-polymers) like PBAT, PBS or Bio-PBS to create a strong yet flexible materials.

Available in heat resistance at 55C and 90C , both has the EN13432 and ASTM6400 Certification
What is compostable plastic made out of?

A compostable material are made from polylactic acid (PLA). PLA is made from dextrose, a sugar produced by plants. Currently, the most common raw material for PLA is field corn, although other plant sources may be used in the future. On average, the production of PLA resin uses about 52% less energy than the production of petroleum-based resins. Similarly, manufacturing PLA resin produces 80% less greenhouse gases than traditional petroleum-based resin (Source).